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Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne Review

by ceecee

If you’ve tried anything from Beauty Bakerie, you know you can expect creative products coupled with adorable packaging and the Cotton Candy Champagne Palette is no exception. For fans of shimmery blushes, this palette delivers options.

Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne Palette Overview

Cotton Candy Champagne Blushlighter Palette

The Cotton Candy Champagne Palette contains four shimmery blushes and retails $38. Each blush hold 0.17 oz of product and the blushes are housed in a slim cardboard palette with a magnetic closure and there is no mirror included.

The cover of the palette is adorned with puffs of pink cotton balls topping the foil champagne flutes (hence the cotton candy and champagne). While it’s not the most practical idea, and I did remove the cotton balls from my palette, you have to give the brand props for creativity because it is undeniably adorable.

Cotton Candy Champagne

Rather than the standard flimsy outer box, the palette comes in a sturdy cardboard box that’s much larger than the actual palette and is lined with a foam insert. The clear window on the cover allows the puffs of pink cotton to peek through. It’s quite an extravagant presentation which some might find wasteful however, it would make for a great gift.

Cotton Candy Champagne Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne Palette Review


The brand refers to the Cotton Candy Champagne as a “blushlighter palette”, the idea being that the products are a blend of highlighter and blush.

The blushes have a smooth, almost creamy texture to them when swatched. While the color is fairly pigmented, the amount shimmer included seems to dilute the color when applied to the cheeks so you’re not left with an overly intense application of color.

All the blushes have a shimmery finish to them and there seems to be a micro fine glitter scattered throughout.

The term “blushlighter” is pretty accurate in the sense that the blushes will provide enough shimmer to highlight the cheeks in addition to providing color and you wouldn’t necessarily need to apply a separate highlight.

Cotton Candy Champagne Blushlighter

The issue I had was in the way the shimmer applied to the skin. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good shimmery blush and it’s actually my preferred finish for cheek colors.

Unfortunately, I found the shimmer in the Cotton Candy Champagne blushes to be really chunky once blended out. I like a smooth sheen, and I don’t even mind a frosted finish as long as the effect is one of a seamless, reflective glow. These however showed up as visible bits of separated shimmer on my cheeks that emphasized my skins texture. Rather than a smooth blend, you’re left with a thick application of pronounced shimmery particles.

These remind me somewhat of the Sydney Grace shimmer blush I tried, I had the same issue with the finish being a thick shimmer that sat very visibly on the skin.

It’s a real shame because I really like the colors included in this palette, I think they’re so unique and they look beautiful when swatched. You’ll still get a glowy cheek when using this palette but it’s not a particularly flattering look, especially when viewed from close range.

Color Story

The colors included in the Cotton Candy Champagne palette are what really drew me in because I think they’re so unique and I love neutral and pale shimmer blushes.

Cotton Candy Champagne Palette

The lightest shade, Sip Sip Hooray, is a pale, cool toned pink. The brightest shade is a warm, peachy coral with a gold shimmer called 24 Hour Champagne Diet.

Stop & Smell the Roses is a plummy mauve and No Champagne, No Gain is a deeper, muted peach.

None of the shades are too bright so I think they would work well on a range of skin tones. Some shades may function more as a highlighter on deeper skin tones but I think anyone would be able to use all the shades in the palette in one form or another.


Cotton Candy Champagne Swatches
Left to Right: 24 Hour Champagne Diet, Sip Sip Hooray, Stop and Smell the Roses, No Champagne No Gain

Cruelty Free and Vegan Status

Beauty Bakerie’s entire line is cruelty free and vegan. Their products also don’t contain parabens and the Cotton Candy Champagne palette is gluten free.

Giving Back

Beauty Bakerie’s mission to give back led them to create Sugar Homes, a charitable initiate which provides funding for impoverished children worldwide. The brand donates a portion of each purchase to orphanages in Uganda and Indonesia, and helps supply essentials such as medicine, water, food, clothes, and toys.

Beauty Bakerie Gives Back

Where to Buy the Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne Palette

  • Beauty Bakerie – International shipping available
  • Ulta – Free shipping on order over $35
  • Morphe – Free shipping on order over $60. International shipping available.

Regardless of where you choose to purchase from, make sure to check if Rakuten (ebates) is offering cash back. If you haven’t signed up for Rakuten yet, you can do so here, it only takes a minute and then you’ll earn cash back every time you shop through their link. They also have an extension which I recommend installing, that activates cash back on all eligible websites with one click and it also scans for coupons.

Final Thoughts

I was really disappointed by the way blushes looked on the cheeks. I love the shades, I think the packaging is adorable and I like that the palette itself is compact, I just really didn’t like the way shimmer applied. I’ll probably still use it from time to time and maybe try them as eye-shadows but I wish the formula incorporated the shimmer more seamlessly. If you don’t mind pronounced, chunky shimmer in your blushes you may enjoy these.

Pros of the Cotton Candy Champagne Palette

  • Beautiful shades
  • Can function as both blush and highlighter
  • Adorable Packaging

Cons of Cotton Candy Champagne Palette

  • Shimmer looks chunky on the skin and is unflattering to the cheeks
  • Emphasizes skin texture

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