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Can Beauty Products Ruin Your Engagement Ring?

by ceecee
Engagement Ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry

I’m a beauty expert, hence this blog – and so in order to write this article on whether beauty products can ruin your engagement ring, I reached out to Estate Diamond Jewelry. They’re one of the top vintage jewelry experts and collectors in the world, and they gave me so much help for me to be able to write this article. Enjoy. This topic is SUPER important.

This article is personal to me as I’ve seen many women often forget that their engagement ring will be exposed to various chemicals throughout the day; from hand lotion, and dish detergent, to shampoo. Engagement rings are one of the most important symbols of love in a woman’s life. Additionally, they’re valuable heirlooms for future generations. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the effect beauty products might have on them.

Do Beauty Products Damage Your Engagement Ring?

Diamond Engagement Ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry. Photo taken with permission.

Yes. Beauty products are loaded with so many chemicals, many of which, can cause irreparable damage to your engagement ring. Most of these chemicals are slow-working and will only be noticeable after years or decades, but some will cause damage much sooner than that. If you want to ensure that your ring is safe, ensure that you learn how to properly apply beauty products without it touching your ring.

Generally speaking, cosmetics contain chemicals that usually do wonders for your skin. However, these ingredients can affect the durability and appearance of your engagement ring. Have you noticed how your stone has lost its sparkle? Unfortunately, that’s because chemicals in beauty products can dull the gorgeous gem’s shine.

In fact, engagement rings absorb oils so well that they can even become loose besides losing color. And no one wants their diamonds falling off a ring. Not only is replacing diamonds costly but losing them is also heartbreaking for most people.

But what happens if you use organic or natural cosmetics? Since these beauty products don’t contain many chemicals, surely they can’t damage your engagement ring. Well, we’re sorry to disappoint you. No matter how good these products are for your skin, they can still dull the shine of your bling.

For example, residual organic cream in prongs can cause them to become less sturdy, enabling the gem to fall off the ring.

Which Stones/Metals Can be Damaged by Beauty Products?

All beauty products can possibly damage all jewelry, but here is a table of the stones that are most susceptible to beauty products.

Learning how in danger your jewelry is, will help you learn how much prevention you need to take.

For example: A modern diamond that is set strongly in a modern platinum mounting will be a lot less at risk than a rare antique emerald that is set in a gold mounting.

Metal and StonesHow Much Damage?
Metal / Platinum2/10 Damage
Metal / Gold4/10 Damage
Stone / Silver2/10 Damage
Stone / Diamond0/10 Damage (Loose Diamonds are safe)
Stone / Sapphire3/10 Damage
Stone / Ruby4/10 Damage
Stone / Emerald9/10 Damage (Big Warning)
Stone / Aquamarine7/10 Damage (Big Warning)
Stone / Pearl10/10 Damage (Big Warning)
Stone / Onyx9/10 Damage (Big Warning)
Stone / Turquoise10/10 Damage (Big Warning)
Stone / Kunzite5/10 Damage (Warning for Color Loss)
Stone / Amethyst4/10 Damage
Stone / Tourmaline4/10 Damage

Does Lotion Damage Your Engagement Ring?

Diamond Engagement Ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry. Photo taken with permission.

Are you guilty of slathering on your favorite hand moisturizer during the day? Doing so may protect your hands from dish detergents and keep them smooth. And while hydrating is important, hand lotions can adversely affect your ring. In the main, they tend to leave a residue that can discolor your stone over time. The same goes for other creams, such as sunscreen or body lotion.

Moreover, these products can impact the way your diamond shines. As they create a layer over your bling, the gem tends to sparkle much less.

Keep in mind that opals and pearls are especially prone to discoloration. Furthermore, gold, silver, and platinum bands can eventually lose luster if you apply too much hand lotion without removing the ring.

Do You Exfoliate with Your Engagement Ring?

Diamond Engagement Ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry

Sure, exfoliating skin is a vital step in one’s beauty routine. It helps remove dead skin cells and improves the overall skin condition. But did you know that those tiny exfoliating particles can find their way into your ring?

What’s more, they can cause small scale scratches on your precious stone. With time, these once microscopic, barely visible scratches can even damage your engagement ring.

What Does Makeup Do to Your Engagement Ring?

In general, makeup products can’t ruin your engagement ring. After all, you mostly use brushes to apply these products. But if you tend to apply foundation with your fingers, that’s a potential issue. The foundation can build up in prongs and the engagement ring setting. This residue causes your gorgeous sparkle to lose its shine.

What’s more, the dirt that lodges in the ring setting can accumulate. Although you might not even notice it at first, it will make the stone on your engagement ring dull.

How to Protect Your Engagement Ring from Beauty Products

If you want your engagement ring to be as sparkly as the day you got it, do you need to throw away your beauty products? Luckily, that won’t be necessary. However, there are some steps you should take to ensure cosmetics don’t damage your precious bling.

Remove Your Engagement Ring When Applying Beauty Products

When applying some beauty products, make a mental note to remove your engagement ring. Are you going to shower? Don’t be lazy and get in the shower with an engagement ring. Do you want to apply hand moisturizer? Take a second to take off your sparkle. This step is crucial in ensuring dirt and chemicals don’t affect your ring.

Although this may seem daunting, it’ll be good for your engagement ring long-term. And to make it easier to remember that you need to take off your engagement ring, have little jewelry trays around the house. Put them in the bathroom, on a nightstand, and in the kitchen. That way, they will serve as a reminder.

Wear Gloves

If you don’t want to take off your engagement ring when washing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom, at least wear gloves. They’ll serve as a layer of protection for your hands against nasty chemicals. Plus, they’ll ensure the oils and beauty product ingredients don’t damage your engagement ring.

Give Your Engagement Ring Proper Maintenance

If you do notice the scratches or loose setting on your engagement ring, don’t worry. There’s a solution. It’s important to take the ring to the jeweler to repair it. But don’t wait too long to do so. Otherwise, the ring might get further damaged. Taking your engagement ring for upkeep will restore its glory whilst extending its lifespan.

Have Your Engagement Ring Cleaned

Another important step is cleaning your engagement ring. Doing so will help remove oil and dirt residue, which can significantly damage your engagement ring. What’s more, making it a habit to clean your engagement ring decreases the chance of chemicals in beauty products ruining your bling.

If you are not sure how to do it at home, check out this article. Remember that cleaning your ring at home can only do so much. If you are worried that you might damage your bling somehow, take it to a jeweler.

Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is a valuable possession. It has sentimental and monetary value. That’s why taking care of it properly is vital. Whenever you use some beauty products, make sure to take off your engagement ring, or wear gloves. That way, your bling will maintain its shine, won’t lose its luster, and the setting won’t become loose.

Be sure to maintain your ring by cleaning it regularly. Fixing loose prongs is also essential. With all these tips, we’re sure your engagement ring will be as beautiful as the day you got it.

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