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Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector Review

by ceecee
Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector Review

My hunt for a good under-eye corrector seems endless. I’ve tried so many in the hopes of finding one to replace my beloved Benefit Erase Paste (RIP). Frustratingly, anything dupes I find keep getting discontinued. And so my search continues, this time with the Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector which I purchased with high hopes and will be reviewing in this post.

Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector Overview

By Drew Corrector

The official name is the Flower Beauty Chill Out Smoothing Color Corrector and it retails for $10.29. The product comes packaged in a small glass jar and contains 0.16 oz of product. There are 3 shades to choose from in the line.

Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector Review

Flower Corrector


Flower Beauty describes this product as a peach corrector that will instantly neutralize and conceal dark under-eye circles. The formula is said to contain hemp-derived CBD that’s supposed to hydrate and smooth delicate skin.


Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector

The texture of the Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector is best described a solid mousse. To touch it in the pot it’s very firm and doesn’t have any give.

The consistency also feels pretty dry, you can tell just by looking at it in the pot that the finish is matte. Because the texture is so solid, you don’t pick up too much product with a finger, and it almost feels like you’re melting it a bit as you swatch it.

I initially thought the texture reminded me of the Too Faced Peach Perfect Concealer but it’s actually quite a bit drier. And that’s saying something because the Too Faced concealer is probably one of the driest cream concealers I’ve tried.

As you blend it in you can feel a silicone like smoothness to the product and while it applies in a thin layer, the dry consistency really clings to texture and fine lines under the eye. Despite the products claims, I didn’t feel like this corrector added any hydration whatsoever to my under eye.


I found the coverage on this product to be pretty underwhelming. It starts out as medium at best and by the time it’s blended in your left with pretty light coverage. While the corrector is brightening by nature of it’s color, the product didn’t manage to camouflage my under-eye circles and you could still see some gray shadows peeking through.

I think the way the coverage applies is really unflattering. It’s almost like the product is separating a bit as you blend it and the pigmented elements cling to texture while the rest of the products blends in. This was especially visible around areas with pores. If you look up close, you can actually see visible peachy products collecting in each pore while the skin around it has barely any coverage.

Overall, not a flattering look.


As you can probably infer, the finish is straight up matte and very flat. No, you don’t need to apply powder to set it, but it also doesn’t look very good at all. Not to mention that correctors usually get applied under other products like concealer and foundation. And although you don’t want to goop the area up with to much moisture, I also don’t think drying it out before is a good idea.

I wasn’t a particular fan either, of how this product played with other products on top. The corrector kind of felt like it was pilling which didn’t lend itself to looking nice under a separate concealer.

Shade Range

Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector Swatch Light Peach
Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector: Light Peach

The Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector comes in three shades: Light Peach, Medium Peach, and Dark Peach. I think they did a good job on the shades in terms of tone. They’re the right shade of salmony peach and the deepest one isn’t a straight up orange like you find from many other brands.

I have the shade Light Peach Which is slightly light for my NC30 skin but works pretty well. I swatched it next to my (precious backup) Benefit Boi’ing Brightening Concealer in the shade No. 2 and they’re nearly identical. The one difference I pick up on is that the Flower Beauty leans ever so slightly more peach and there’s the tiniest hint of a pinker tone to the Benefit one. That being said, it’s such a slight difference, you have to look hard to notice it.

Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector Swatched Near Benefit Boi'ing Brightening Concealer
Left: Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector in Light Peach
Right: Benefit Boi’ing Brightening Concealer (Erasepaste) in NO 2

Cruelty-free and Vegan Status

Flower Beauty is a cruelty-free brand. As per the brand they do not test their ingredients or their finished products on animals, nor do any third-parties test on their behalf. They also do not sell their products in places where animal testing is required by law.

The Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector is both vegan and gluten-free.

Where to Buy the Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector

  • Ulta – Free shipping on orders over $35
  • Flower Beauty – Free shipping on orders over $30.

Final Thoughts

So is the Flower Beauty Chill Out Corrector a Dupe for the Benefit Boi’ing Brightening Concealer / Erasepaste?

Sadly, no. They got the shade down but the texture is way off. In fact, it’s probably the least similar corrector, consistency wise, to the Benefit Boi’ing Brightening, that I’ve tried.

I really, really didn’t like the texture of this product. It was too dry and looked really unflattering. I can’t even say I’d recommend it for oily skin because the separation caused by the silicone-like consistency would probably be just as bad if not worse on oily skin.


  • Peachy tone is ideal for brightening undereye circles
  • Doesn’t need to be set with powder


  • Dry consistency highlights skin texture and fine lines
  • Pigment separates and clings to pores and texture

Thanks for reading, share your thoughts on this product in the comments below.

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