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Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lip Colour Review

by ceecee
lisa eldridge velvet fawn review

Influencer brands are one of those polarizing topics in the beauty community. They’re usually met with extreme reactions on either end of the spectrum, from the die-hard obsessed fans frantically refreshing their browsers to the complete disdain of those of us who are just so over the whole idea. Personally, my reaction tends to be one of skepticism and I see no need to spend money on products created by someone whose vocabulary mainly consists of “OB-SESSED” or “you need this in your life!”. Lisa Eldridge is an exception however, and her True Velvet Lip Colour lipsticks are not like other influencer products.

For starter she’s not a twittering teenager in full drag, yammering on about why your life is incomplete unless you buy this latest product (affiliate link in the description box). She’s a seasoned celebrity makeup artist with years of experience in product development as the former creative director of Shiseido and currently of Lancome. And her effortlessly sophisticated approach to makeup application is something I can definitely appreciate. So I was interested enough to try her lipstick which is currently the only makeup item in her line (she also makes cosmetic cases).

lisa eldridge velvet lipstick

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lip Colour Overview

The Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lip Colours are a line of matte lipsticks that retail for £26 (about US $35) and contain 0.12 oz of product. There are currently thirteen shades in the line and the lipsticks are fragrance free.

lisa eldridge true velvet lip colour

The lipsticks come in a beautiful weighted gold lipstick tube with a magnetic closure. The top of the tube is embossed with Lisa’s logo and the lipstick itself has a textured finish around the bullet which is meant to mimic the look of velvet. It’s a very deluxe presentation and makes for a luxurious lipstick experience.

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lip Colour Review

true velvet lip colour velvet fawn


The texture of the lipstick is rather thick as far as matte lipsticks go. When applied to the lips it doesn’t go on in a thin, weightless layer, but rather in a thicker, almost bunched up coat. The color tends to really sheer out if you blot it off or apply a very thin layer and the color can end up looking patchy. So if you wanted to get opaque color, you would need to be ok with the heavier texture.

It’s not particularly drying and there is some slip to it, almost a silicone-like feel. And that makes sense as the first ingredient listed is Dimethicone. I didn’t find that it emphasized dry texture on my lips as badly as a liquid lipstick but it did somewhat settle into the creases. I’d recommend exfoliating before applying.

To me these are most comparable to the Pat McGrath MattTrance Lipsticks or the Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks. They have the same thicker, silicone consistency and are very similar in application as well. They both bunch up and sheer out considerably if you try to apply less. I will say that the Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lip Colour and the Pat McGrath MattTrance Lipsticks are perhaps a bit smoother that the Maybelline but all three function pretty similarly.

Personally I prefer a much thinner and smoother formula if I’m gonna wear a matte lip such as the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. These really didn’t do it for me as I’m not a fan of a heavy silicone texture on my lips.

Shade Range

This is a curated collection so there are only thirteen shades in the line. There are quite a few brown toned neutrals ranging in depth, a few reds, a couple of mid-tone pinks and oranges, some very deep shades and a hot pink.

Being a nude lip lover I chose the shade Velvet Fawn which is one of the lighter neutral shades. Lisa’s website describes it as a soft caramel brown with neutral/warm undertones.

To me it looks like a cooler neutral brown with an ever so slight hint of mauve. There’s just the slightest plummy undertone that pulls the shade away from straight brown to more of a cool neutral.

lisa eldridge velvet fawn swatch
Velvet Fawn

It’s a good mid-tone cool neutral on me and the type of shade I like pairing with a lighter gloss. If you’re into that whole 90’s cool brown lipstick vibe then you’ll probably really like this shade.

At a glance it reminded me a lot of Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick in the shade “1993”. They are actually very similar but 1993 has a warmer hue and stays more in the brown category.

Left to Right: Lisa Eldrige Velvet Fawn, Urban Decay 1993

I actually did find a dead-on dupe for Lisa Eldridge’s Velvet Fawn. It’s the Too Faced Peach Kiss Matte Lipstick in the shade “Sex On The Peach”. They look identical in both a swatch and on the lips and they both have a matte finish. The textures are also pretty similar though I find the Too Faced lipsticks maybe just a bit thinner.

lisa eldridge velvet fawn dupe
Left to Right: Lisa Eldridge Velvet Fawn, Too Faced Sex On The Peach
velvet fawn lip swatch
Lisa Eldridge Velvet Fawn
lip compare
Too Faced Sex On The Peach

Note: As I find myself saying far too often on this blog it seems like the Too Faced Peach Kiss Lipsticks have been, any guesses? Yup, discontinued 😬. So if you can still get your hands on it or if you already own it then count yourself lucky.

Cruelty-free and Vegan Status

Lisa Eldridge Beauty states that they do not conduct or pay for animal testing in any step of the manufacturing and developing process. They also don’t sell their products in China or other countries where animal testing is required by law.

The Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipcolours contain beeswax and are therefore not vegan.

Where to Buy the Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipcolour | £26

Final Thoughts

This really came down to the presentation and packaging for me. I think the design is absolutely gorgeous and it’s makes a great collectors piece. The color is nice but I really didn’t enjoy the formula. The formula and shade on their own really aren’t enough to justify the purchase unless you’re into the presentation. If you don’t mind a thicker matte lipstick and the packaging really appeals to you then go for it. However if you don’t care about the brand, you can totally find similar products elsewhere.


  • Gorgeous, luxurious packaging
  • Beautiful neutral color


  • Thick texture
  • Heavy feel on the lips
  • Product settles into fine lines

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Bye now,


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