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Morphe 35C Everyday Chic Palette Review

by ceecee
Morphe 35C Everyday Chic Review

Love ’em or hate ’em, you’ve got to admit that Morphe’s products are here to stay. Despite the brand’s controversial practices they’ve managed to hustle their way onto Ulta shelves where I happened upon the Morphe 35C Everyday Chic Palette on my last trip.

Morphe’s known for putting out these large 35 pan palettes that, if we’re being blunt, are pretty generic. We’re talking cheap plastic packaging, little to no marketing in terms of design, and lots of repetitive shades.

While I normally steer clear of makeup with the above qualities, I’ve found some of their shimmer formulas densely pigmented and creamy. So when I saw this color story, all pinks, lavenders, greens, and cool neutrals, I decided to take the chance.

Morphe 35C Everyday Chic Artistry Palette

Morphe 35C Everyday Chic Palette Overview

The Morphe 35C Everyday Chic Palette is a 35 color palette that retails for $25. The packaging is a lightweight plastic palette with no mirror and there’s a total of 1.4 oz of product.

Morphe 35 Everyday Chic Palette

They didn’t print the shade names on the palette which I found irritating. At first, I thought the shades didn’t even have names, till I discovered the plastic sheet I had tossed aside that had all the names printed on them.

Let’s be real, no one is keeping it around so if you want to reference shades you’ll have to make like you’re playing bingo and refer to them as “2nd row, 3rd from the left” or so one.

Morphe 35C Everyday Chic Palette Review

Morphe 35C Everyday Chic

Color Story

As usual, color scheme is what drew me to purchase this palette. We’re starting to see cooler tones making a comeback and the 35C Everyday Chic Palette has lots of them.

I’d say at least half the shades are nuetrals that for the most part lean slightly cooler. You’ve got some soft browns, mauvey browns, creams, golds, taupes, and bronzes.

Swatches Light Shimmers
Neutral Shimmer Shades

Then there are several shades that are all in the purple family. So lavender, rosy taupes, orchid, and plum.

Swatches Plums
Plummy Shades

There’s also a pink as well as a peach and a copper which are some of the warmest colors in the palette.

Pink Swatches
Pink and Purple Shades

And finally, there are several dark hunter greens which I think give the palette good versatility because you’ve got several different ways to create contrast instead of using only dark brown or black.

Swatches Greens
Green Shades

There’s a good mix of matte and shimmer and a range of light, medium and dark in both finishes, so it’s definitely a complete palette. The variety of colors gives you lots of options for creating looks that are distinct but still somewhat neutral.

None of the shades scream color, they’re all softer, muted tones. To me, this is a great example of what I’d call “updated neutrals”, colors subdued enough that they retain an element of neutrality, but are not your standard brown or taupe.


Morphe 35C Palette

I’ve identified at least six different finishes contained in this palette.

First off the mattes. There’s quite of few of them, about of third of the shades actually. They all have a smooth texture and the shadows are pretty firmly pressed. When swatched the pigmentation is average. It’s not super full color, but it’s also not patchy (with a few exceptions). I’d say it’s more of a buildable formula that actually reminds me a lot of Mac’s matte eyeshadows. There was a bit of fallout, more so with the darker shades but overall not too much.

Light Mattes
Light Matte Shades
swatches dark mattes
Deep Matte Shades

Within the shimmers there are at least 4 different variations.

There’s the standard shimmer formula, which like the mattes are smooth, but also firmly pressed so only a thin layer picks up on your brush. They have even pigmentation and I didn’t really experience any fallout with them.

Then there are few shimmer shades (On My Way, Hello There, Moment) that contain flecks of glitter which makes them more reflective. They swatch more crumbly than the standard shimmers and don’t apply as smoothly. They also seemed sheerer in pigmentation.

Then there are some sparkly topper shades (Cheers To You, Oh La La). These are really sheer washes of color with lots of tiny sparkley particles. They seem like the type of shades that are meant to be worn over other eyeshadows, similar to some of Colourpop’s Supershock Eyeshadows.

Glitter Swatches
Sheer Shimmer Toppers and Glitter Shades
(Cheers To You, Oh La La, Talk Of The Town)

And there’s one pressed glitter which is basically like every pressed glitter; chunky, messy, and difficult to use. As with all glitter, I’d recommend using glitter glue and fingers to apply this shade.

A few of the darkest shades have a satin finish. They’re not super reflective but they have a smooth sheen that keeps them from being matte. There’s also one of those weird mattes with scattered silver glitter shades that kind of loose and patchy, and overall pointless.

formula swatches
Matte, Sheer Shimmer Topper, Shimmer, Glittery Shimmer, Scattered Shimmer, Satin
(Call Me Gorg, Oh La La, Ready To Mingle, Have A Moment, Thx It’s New, Fashionably Late)

Overall I’d say none of the shadows were absolute fails. They’re not the creamiest, most intensely pigmented shadows, definitely not the same quality as the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette. But they’re also not as disappointing as their 35G Bronze Goals Palette was.

For me the issue really was the way the shadows blended and wore. The color intensity kept fading away as I blended the shadows together and the final product ended up looking watered down and muddy.

I also wasn’t particularly impressed with the longevity. The shadows started fading pretty soon after application and just didn’t perform well.


swatches row one
1st Column Down
Left to Right: Cheers To You, Cute Shoes, Oh La La, Good Lookin’, Thx It’s New
swatches row 3
3rd Column Down
Left to Right: Whoa Is Me, call Me Gorg, Fancy This, Ready To Mingle, Text Me Later
Swatches Row 5
5th Column Down
Left to Right: Be My Guest, Total Mood, Playtime, Heads Turn, Enthralled
swatches row 2
2nd Column Down
Left to Right: Chic It Out, Enamored, Selfie Sesh, It’s A Date, My Pleasure
Swatches Row 4
4th Column Down
Left to Right: Getting Ready, Melt Hearts, Talk Of The Town, RSVP Yes, Just Perfect
swatches row 6
6th Column Down
Left to Right: Love It On My Way, Hello There, Side of Sass, Heels On
swatches row 7
7th Column Down
Left to Right: Feeling Pretty, Weekend Plans, Oh You, Have A Moment, Fashionably Late

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Status

Morphe’s website states that they do not test their products or their ingredients on animals. The brand has also said that neither their suppliers nor any third parties test on their behalf.

It seems some Morphe authorized sellers are located in China, however they basically drop-ship the products for Morphe which circumvents China’s animal testing requirements. Read more about it here.

The 35C Everyday Chic Palette contains carmine and Morphe does not list it among their vegan products.

Where to Buy the Morphe 35C Everyday Chic Palette

  • Ulta – Free shipping on orders over $35.
  • Morphe – Free shipping on orders over $60. Limited international shipping available.
  • Selfridges – UK and EU shipping available. Free return shipping.

Regardless of where you choose to purchase from, make sure to check if Rakuten (ebates) is offering cashback. Sephora offers cashback for anywhere from 2% to 8% and Macy’s up to 10%, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

If you haven’t signed up for Rakuten yet, you can do so here, it only takes a minute and then you’ll earn cashback every time you shop through their link. They also have an extension which I recommend installing, that activates cashback on all eligible websites with one click. It also scans for coupons.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up I’d say this is a case where I like the color story and finishes but was disappointed with the shadows’ performance. It’s not unusable quality and at $25 it’s not the worst value. If you’re really digging the color story and don’t care too much about the wear time you may still enjoy this.

Otherwise, I wish I had a similar product to recommend but I really haven’t come across anything with quite the same shade selection, so I’d say your best bet would be to create one using Colourpop singles.


  • Interesting color story
  • Minimal Fallout on some shades
  • Good balance of matte and shimmer
  • Good range of light to dark shades


  • Weak pigmentation on some of the shadow
  • Shadows faded as they blended and turned muddy
  • Shadows wore off after a short amount of time.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment below.

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