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Saie Slip Tint Review

by ceecee
Saie Slip Tint

If you’re like me who spends an embarrassing amount of time perusing the Sephora app (ok, and Ulta too), you may have noticed a new brand appearing in the Hot Items category. Most of the newer items have been kind of meh lately, but the Saie Slip Tint caught my attention. It had a sophisticated, skincare vibe going for it and, I mean Sephora was running their spring sale, so here we are.

Saie Slip Tint Overview

Saie Slip Tint Review

The Saie Slip Tint is an SPF tinted moisturizer that retails for $32. It’s packaged in a squeeze tube, fitted with a pump and comes with 1.35 fluid oz. of product. There’s a total of ten shades in the line.

I thought that Saie was a Korean brand when I first saw it on Sephora’s website but it’s actually based in NYC. After struggling to read the name correctly I discovered that it’s pronounced “say”, the biggest giveaway being that their website is called saiehello.com. The brand is all about clean and sustainable beauty which is a huge trend in beauty right now.

Saie Slip Tint Review


Saie describes the Slip Tint as “A tinted moisturizer that offers skin-loving hydration, sheer, dewy coverage, and 100 percent mineral UV protection”. It’s supposed to leave the skin nourished, but not greasy and work with hyaluronic acid to help retain moisture.

pump dispense Saie


When you first pump out the product, the consistency is pretty similar to lot’s of BB and CC Creams like the It Cosmetics CC+. It breaks down pretty easily and you can really feel the hydration it provides as it sinks in.

My skin is generally normal to dry so I usually really enjoy moisturizing coverage products. For me however, the Saie Slip Tint feels kind of heavy, like you’ve applied a thick moisturizer, the type that you use as an overnight mask. I’d say it feels heavier than the It Cosmetics CC+ and that’s one of the thicker products in my collection.

The product does settle somewhat but even after a good ten minutes of wear and you can still feel the moisture if you touch your face.

The upside is that a separate moisturizer is definitely not necessary when using the Saie Slip Tint, even if your skin is on the drier side. I wouldn’t however, recommend it for oily skin and if you don’t like feeling your foundation on your face, this really isn’t a product for you.

Saie Slip Tint Three Half


So just from the description you can probably already tell that this is meant to be a sheer product. The coverage is really minimal, definitely not any higher than light and I didn’t find that layering help increase the coverage. It managed to slightly even out my skin tone but you could still see some redness peaking through and it couldn’t camouflage even minor sunspots.

Compared to my other tinted moisturizers and cc creams, the coverage level is most similar to the Tarte Maracuja Tinted Hydrator. It doesn’t cover as much as the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation and it’s nowhere near the coverage level of the It Cosmetics CC+.


Let me just preface by saying that if you’re familiar with this blog, by now you know that my preferred finish for coverage products is dewy, glowy, and radiant. And to me, there’s no such thing as “too dewy”. That being said, this product just may be the exception.

The finish that the Saie Slip Tint leaves is super dewy, veering into the realm of greasy. When applied my skin sort of looks the way it does after I apply a heavy-duty overnight moisturizer/mask. So even though you can’t see noticeable foundation on your face, I can’t really call this product undetectable. The skin does look healthy and hydrated but there’s obvious product visible on the skin.

Again, to put things in perspective, my all time favorite foundation is Chanel’s Vitalumiere, arguably one of the glowiest foundations on the market. But even for a dewy-skin devotee like myself, the Slip Tint is a bit too much.

Additionally, even though the product settled in a bit after some wear time, it retained a visibly shiny finish. Considering the fact that the coverage is so minimal, you kind of look like you’re wearing a face a oil. Unless you like the look of a freshly applied skincare as your base product, I think you may find the Slip Tint a little over-the-top.


I didn’t notice any overwhelming scent to the Saie Slip Tint. It definitely doesn’t smell like typical sunscreen or fragranced foundation so it’s a good option if you’re sensitive to scent.

Shade Range

Normally I say that sheer coverage products can get away with limited shade ranges and in this case, the brand beat me to it. Saie instructs their buyers not to overthink choosing their shade. They claim that “each flexible, confusion-free tint disappears into a wide range of skin tones.”

The Slip Tint comes in ten shades and the brand labels them in terms of depth, but not undertone. Based on their description, each shade is meant to work across a variety of skin-tones from cool to warm. This make choosing your color a simple process because you only need to match the depth level of your skin. From the swatches they seem pretty evenly divided into light, medium, and deep categories.

Saie Slip Tint Three Half Swatch

I wear the shade Three + Half (light medium) and it works well on my slightly olive skin. I’d say it’s got a pretty neutral undertone, maybe leaning slightly warmer than cool. Bear in mind however, with the minimal coverage this products provides there is a large margin for error.

SPF Properties

The Saie Slip Tint contains a mineral-based broad spectrum SPF of 35. The active ingredient is Zinc Oxide so if you’re looking to avoid chemical sunscreens this should work well.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Status

As per the brand, neither Saie nor their suppliers, test ingredients or finished products or ingredients on animals. They don’t have and third-parties test on their behalf their products are not sold in places where animal testing is required by law.

The Saie Slip Tint contains beeswax which would mean that it does not qualify as vegan however, it is gluten-free.

One cool feature to note about the Saie website is their ingredients page. They provide a list of ingredients for each product and as you scroll over each item, a description of what that ingredient does pops up. I think those that are conscientious of the ingredients in their beauty products, will probably appreciate this, and it’s a good practice in terms of transparency.

Where to Buy the Saie Slip Tint | $32

Final Thoughts

This is a tough one because in theory I should love this product. I mean, hydrating and glowy, what’s not to love (at least for me)? Overall though, I found the coverage too sheer to make any impact and I didn’t’ enjoy the heavy texture coupled with the near-greasy finish.

I’d say as just an SPF or maybe as a primer/moisturizer this might be a good option for very dry skin. Additionally if you’re really conscious of using clean ingredients or you’re into the recycling/sustainability values of the brand you might appreciate this product. For me however, the Slip Tint just didn’t do it and I’d probably recommend other products over this one.


  • Adds lots of hydration and moisture to the skin
  • Shades are flexible enough to work across a variety of skin tones
  • Provides a physical SPF-35
  • Free of many synthetic or irritating ingredients


  • Remains moist even after the product settles
  • Feels heavy and obvious on the skin
  • Leaves an oily/greasy finish on the skin
  • Coverage is super sheer and doesn’t do much to even the skin tone

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear your thoughts or ideas in the comments below.

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